Aether Archive - Issues

Volume 12 Published February, 2013
Volume 11 Published December, 2013
Volume Eight A

Current articles on the relationship of media and geography including a discussion on the work of Donna Haraway. Also featuring Harald Bauder’s deconstruction of Ludwig Wittgenstein’s Rabbit/Duck and Marcia England’s insight into

Published September, 2011
Volume Eight B

The power of representation, as Debord understood so well, is not so much in what it portrays, but in what it conceals – and today media undoubtedly is the most powerful adjudicator and disseminator of what is to be shown and what is to be hidden. It is in this context that this special issue on media geography and the Middle East can be best understood.

Published September, 2011
Volume Seven

Space & Sound: Geographies of Music, Geographers Who Play Music. A special issue of Aether edited by John Finn.

Published January, 2011
Volume Six

Part one of Volume 6 explores the connections between the moving framed image and geography, offering author-created videos and movie clips to supplement textual materials.

Published October, 2010
Volume Five

This special issue of Aether, edited by Tristan Thielmann, explores the spatial turn in media studies and the media turn in geographical studies, providing a sketch of the subject area “geomedia” from a phenomenological perspective and the field of “media geography” from a disciplinary perspective.

Published April, 2010
Volume Four

This special issue of Aether brings together six papers that address news geography on a range of scales. Each speaks to the question of how the news media position the people and places that constitute their particular communities.

Published March, 2009
Volume Three

One of the main reasons Aether was developed as an ejournal was to offer authors alternative publishing outlets– something that went beyond the textural format of both traditional hard journals and text-based ejournals. Volume Three presents the first articles that justify these editorial goals.

Published June, 2008
Volume Two

This special issue of Aether offers an examination of the utopian and dystopian representations of digital landscapes including narratives of colonialism, gaming as social space and the influence of historical ideologies on social game space plus much more.

Published April, 2008