Welcome to Media Geography at Mainz

MGM is the new forum for all things media geography.  Initially founded as a BOOK SERIES, MGM is expanding to include an online JOURNAL and regularly updated content through its NEWS, BLOG, and REVIEW sections.  We are currently building content so please inquire if you have something you would like to contribute.  


MGM's current initiative is focused on "Media's Mapping Impluse."  A group of 30 scholars from around the world will gather in Mainz, Germany June 17th and 18th for a symposium on the topic.  This symposium will be the foundation for a MGM book on the subject.  Names and abstracts will be posted to this blog soon.


In his meditations on thought and cinema in Cinema 2: The Time Image, Gilles Deleuze noted that the cinematographic image showed us an essential link between man and the world that developed either in the direction of a transformation of the world ... Read More...

Academic publications regarding Doctor Who have increased in recent decades, exciting not only fans of the show but also scholars who study social justice through interconnections of science-fiction and reality. Doctor Who and Race is an edited volume of 22 chapters exploring perceptions, observations, and often problematic representations of race... Read More...